Making litmus paper?

We hold a workshop at Education college in Volta region. It was first time that I’ve been to Volta region. That was really beautiful place. I could refresh only I saw the mountains view.

Anyway, I introduce ‘Sobolo paper’ in the workshop.

Sobolo is a famous soft-drink in Ghana especially in northern parts. It is prepared by dry flowers of hibiscus which are called Sobolo leaf in this country.


This colour…. Have you noticed? Yes! Anthocyanin! I mean, it has the same color as ‘red wine’ or ‘red cabbage’. If it is my country, we have this food stuff.


It has very particular taste. To be honest, I don’t like it. But this one also has Anthocyanin.
Anthocyanin can change the color by the pH. If we add some base substance, it change to blue (or sometimes green).

So, I tried to make litmus paper from sobolo leaf.


But it has really big problem when we use it in class.

It can be oxidized easily. 

So, we need to used it as soon as made it, or add something to prevent from oxidation.

I could made indicator paper from concentrated grape juice too. When I dried the paper, a lot of ants came around the paper because of plenty sugar in the grape juice. I put the paper on ants. The ants were molten by NaOH in the paper, then formic acid came out from their inside of body. As the name shows, this is acid so that the paper changed the color to red. Umm,,, cruel. Sorry.



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